New HOT DOG-FLAVORED Pringles Are Popping Up At Walgreens


Pringles isn't afraid to throw random flavors at the wall to see if they stick, and their newest flavor is a great example of that.

Walgreens now has an exclusive Hot Diggity Dog Pringles flavor for those who needed their chips to taste like the classic ballpark food.


According to The Impulsive Buy, these chips were spotted at Walgreens by a reader named Joshua G., and were selling for $1.99.

Not sure how you put such a customizable food in chip form, as things such as relish, onions and bacon probably aren't present in this chip, but Pringles somehow made things work when they released their pizza-flavored Pringles.

This isn't the first time we've seen hot dog-flavored chips as 7-Eleven offers Big Bite hot Dog chips on some of its store shelves.