Everything In This Mexican Coffee Shop Is Made With Horchata

If you've ever been to a Mexican restaurant, you've probably had an Horchata to help wash down your meal, but there's a restaurant in Paramount, California where the milky drink is the main attraction.

Meet Horchateria Rio Luna, where everything is Horchata-based, from their Horchata Iced Coffee, to their Horchata ice cream-topped churro sundae.

Horchateria opened its doors in March of 2016, and in those two years have become a go-to dessert spot in Southern California.

When the Foodbeast crew walked in, we were immediately greeted by not only a friendly staff, but images of Mexican culture adorning the walls. From sugar skulls to well-known Mexican luchador masks, you really feel the attention to detail swirling around you.

A quick look at the menu and you'll notice the Horchata is used in ways you probably never thought possible. The traditional Mexican agua is presented in a whole different light with different drink mixtures and ice cream-based sweets.


The best thing about Horchateria might have been the quality. Instead of opting for pre-packaged products, we learned that everything, from their churros, coffee, and even Horchata ice cream, is all made in-house.

Along with cajeta and lechera drizzles that you can add to both the sundae and ice cream sandwich, you really get a taste of what it's like to enjoy Mexican desserts.

It's no surprise that they often have lines out the door, with quality desserts and flavor combinations you'll have fun experiencing for the first time, and probably many more times over after you fall in love with the little coffee shop.

Check out some of the shop's highlights below:

Horchata Iced Coffee


This should honestly be in coffee shops everywhere. The combination of iced coffee with the subtle cinnamon sweetness that comes from Horchata is the kind of morning pick-me-up I can get used to.


Oaxacan Horchata

This reminded me of a Mexican version of a Filipino favorite called Halo-Halo. The combination of a pitaya sorbet, melon chunks, coconut flakes, and walnuts mixed into a cup of Horchata worked pefectly.



Large Concha Ice Cream Sandwich

One of the most recognizable treats in Mexican culture is pan dulce. Cut one in half, load it up with Horchata ice cream, walnuts, and cajeta drizzle and you've got a Mexican ice cream sandwich on steroids.


Churro Sundae

Photo by Constantine Spyrou

While you can get their homemade churros a-la-carte, if you're feeling really bold, you can get their sundae, which consists of four churros topped with horchata ice cream and cajeta drizzle.