Here's How You Can Try The World's Most Expensive Cup Of Coffee For Free

We've seen a lot of extravagant foods in 2017, with even wilder price tags attached to them.

$100 donuts? $1,000 tequila-infused chocolates? I mean, sure, we'd love to have a taste of these over-the-top treats, but most of us simply don't have the excess funds to do so.

But how about if you had the chance to try the most expensive coffee in the world for absolutely free?


The Esmeralda Geisha 601, the world's most expensive coffee that was recently sold for $601 a pound at the Best of Panama Competition, is now available at Klatch's roastery in Rancho Cucamonga, California for a very special tasting. Although the price for a seat at the tasting is a hefty $95, Klatch is giving away one seat for a deserving community member who has been nominated on their social media.

If you have a family member or friend who loves coffee and has worked hard to make everybody else's life just a little bit easier and happier, make sure to follow @KlatchRoasting, tag your nominee and comment why they deserve the tasting experience on Klatch's Instagram, and like the post by 9am PST on 1/12/18.

Hey, you never know, this may just be the best Christmas gift for your loved one. And even if they don't win the grand prize, it'll make their heart fuller and day brighter to read why someone thinks that they should win the event.