Meet The World's Most Expensive Doughnut, Covered In 24-Karat Gold

We've borne witness to some pretty epic doughnuts in the past, but nothing as posh as this treat. Proclaimed to be the world's most expensive doughnut by CNBC, this Golden Cristal Ube creation from the Manila Social Club in Miami is definitely dressed in decadence.

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The sugary treat screams bougie from start to finish. Picture an ube doughnut dough that is infused with Cristal champagne, as is the glaze that goes on top, which is then dressed up with edible gold paint that gets airbrushed on to the doughnuts. An edible gold leaf is then scattered around the top in an overly generous fashion. Pretty sure about half of the gold in Fort Knox gets slathered on to each treat when it's all said and done.

CNBC, who is featuring the doughnut in an upcoming episode of Secret Lives of the Super Rich, reports that the treats sell for $100 each, or $1200 for a dozen. They're then delivered to whoever orders them in, of course, a Rolls Royce.


When it comes to go big or go to home, the Golden Cristal Ube definitely delivers. At least, when it comes to going big on the price tag, that is.