Heinz Ketchup Has a 'Tomato Blood' Costume Kit for Halloween

It's easy to see why ketchup has long been mimicked as blood. The red condiment is an effective stand in, really, and earns its stunt double reputation especially around Halloween.


Capitalizing on this, Heinz just launched a limited-edition Tomato Blood Costume Kit to amp up everyone's Halloween costumes and vibes.

The Tomato Blood Costume Kit is made up of a Tomato Blood Ketchup bottle, face paint, applicators, stick-on tattoos, vampire fangs, and more. In addition, Heinz is leaning further into the Halloween spirit by building a branded Halloween Store pop-up in Los Angeles, where fans can cop Heinz Halloween products and can even enhance their costumes at interactive “drip stations."

If you're looking to have a bloody good time with this costume kit, head on over to the Heinz Halloween website to purchase.