Heinz Officially Reveals The Easiest Way To Pour Out Their Ketchup

ketchup bottle

The people who know, know, but apparently only 11 percent of the Ketchup-consuming community know this trick, which is tragic.

A Heinz spokesman told Mirror Online that if you ever have trouble getting ketchup out of their glass bottles, all you have to do is tap the part of the bottle with the "57" bulging out of it.

You're probably thinking, "I knew that," but according to Heinz, 89 percent of people actually don't know that, and still struggle with an excessive pour drowning their fries.

If you did know, at least now there's confirmation that your trick is legit.


Of course, new squeezable ketchup bottles make almost make this irrelevant, but those glass bottles are still floating out there, and need a good pounding to get the good stuff out.

For the 89 percent, now you know how to take care of this headache.

And if you've ever wondered the science behind your ketchup getting stuck, check it out HERE.