These 10 Haunted Restaurants Will Definitely Give You The Chills

Over the years, tales of ghosts, creepy events, and horrifying images and sounds have spread regarding various restaurants. Whether it be a taco spot in Los Angeles with a mysterious disappearing man, or a bar where the chairs keep falling over on their own, haunted restaurants and their creepy allure have drawn the attention of many. If you're interested in scoping out one of these spots for a creepy Halloween experience, or are just addicted to seeing footage and hearing tales of these spooky eateries, peep the videos below... if you dare.

Poltergeist at a British Pub?

The owner of Tyler's Guild pub in Canterbury, Kent, is worried his establishment is haunted. Recent security footage shows umbrellas opening, chairs sliding, and items moving around the restaurant on their own, as if someone is roaming around at night. There have not been any visible ghosts yet, but based on the clips above, we wouldn't be surprised if there's at least one messing with the pub.

A 200 Year Old Restaurant With Spooky Happenings

When it comes to haunted restaurants, if they have centuries of history, there's a good bet some paranormal activity rumors will surface. At The Federal Restaurant in Agawam, Massachusetts, those rumors include flickering lights and images of dead bodies floating in the basement. While the lights could just be old wiring, the thought of floating dead bodies is enough to sketch out anybody.

From Old Mansion To Creepy Eatery


The last mansion standing on a street in Winston-Salem, North Carolina is also home to the Spring House restaurant. There, flickering lights and the smell of forbidden tobacco often occur. To make the potential poltergeists feel good, though, the chef says "Thank you" and "Good night" to them as he heads home every night. Probably why they haven't done anything worse so far.

This Restaurant's Ghost Is Thirsty

When a team of paranormal researchers visited Margaritas Restaurant in Concord, New Hampshire, they sat down for a meal with what was apparently a thirsty hidden guest. One person's drink kept moving across the table, in view of cameras and the dining guests. As they kept pulling it back, the glass would continue to move. Maybe just let the ghost have its fill next time? It would be less creepy.

Haunted Orbs Taking Over

The Brentwood Restaurant in Little River, South Carolina posted this footage of a glowing orb rising up past the security cameras. It could just be dust reflected by light, but several other instances of spooky events, including a woman's voice that some people have heard, have happened before.


Captain Haunted

There's no way that Captains Anchorage Restaurant in Big Bear, California ISN'T haunted. The above video shows a shimmery figure on the stairs, and recorded tapes captured a voice that very spookily says, "Carlin..."

I'm glad that's not my name. I wonder who Carlin is, though, and what happened to them.

A Ghastly Companion For Lunch

At Cronies Bar and Restaurant in Ventura, CA, a lone chair tipped over and back down on its own in the middle of lunch. People's heads definitely turned and one woman came over to check on the chair itself. There's no way that THAT was just the wind.

What Happens In Vegas...


Carluccio's is a famous Las Vegas restaurant, but specifically for its hauntings, not so much the food. Apparitions in photos, shudder-worthy noises, and objects moving on their own have all been reported and documented at the place. Although, since this is in Vegas, there could be boozy reason people are seeing these things.

The Restaurant Critic Ghost

Jimmy's World Grill in Luton, England is apparently home to a very critical poltergeist. After a lady gets up from her table and leaves the security camera's view, we can see the resulting actions of the ghost sitting down, checking the menu, grabbing a napkin, and then tossing the plate to the floor, apparently dissatisfied with how it tasted. Overall, I'd say it was a pretty smashing performance by whoever's haunting the place.

Mystical Mist On The Restaurant Floor

Even if you don't believe in ghosts, you have to admit that this sentient cloud of mist floating around the restaurant is a little peculiar. It doesn't do anything to the room itself, but it's creepy to see it fade in and out of view multiple times. If that doesn't give you the chills, I don't know what will.