Halo Top Ice Cream Has A FRACTION Of The Calories In Regular Ice Cream, Here's A Comparison


Halo Top Ice Cream is probably known best as the low-calorie dessert. The high-protein sweet averages about a svelte 240 calories a pint, a quarter of the calories compared to regular store ice cream's pints. Obviously perfect for those looking to stay a little fitter, without denying their sweet tooth.

We got a box of Halo Top goods in this week's Foodbeast Mailbag and decided to have some fun with the different flavors they sent us. Here's a side-by-side look at the low-calorie scoops compared to other store brands.

Check out the noticeable difference in ice cream scoops:


Halo Top Birthday Cake  v. Grocery Store Cookies N' Cream


Are you a cake person or a cookie person? If comparing the 70 calories from Halo Top's Birthday Cake flavor to a scoop of store-bought cookies n' cream, you get threes scoops of cake versus the one cookies n' cream.

Halo Top Chocolate  v. Grocery Store Black Raspberry Dark Chocolate Chunk



Halo Top's chocolate flavor boasts about 60 calories per scoop. We got three-and-a-half-scoops of it, compared to the one scoop of this black raspberry dark chocolate chunk worth about 210 calories.

Halo Top Lemon Cake v. Grocery Store Southern Pecan


Halo Top's Lemon Cake flavor has 60 calories to a scoop of store-bought Southern Pecan, which translates to you getting four scoops of cake versus the one 240-calorie scoop of the pecan flavor.