UPDATE: Halal Guys to Also Open Vegas and Bay Area Locations


Earlier we announced that the Halal Guys had plans to open locations in Southern California. Until recently, we thought the franchise would be exclusive to New York. Not so much the case anymore.

With the announcement of stores opening in SoCal, Texas, Washington, D.C., and the Philippines, we now have even more good news for those with the taste buds for halal.

We spoke exclusively to franchisees of Halal Guys who announced even more locations where they plan on opening stores.

My partner and I signed a 30-unit deal to be the exclusive Halal Guys franchisee in San Francisco, East Bay and the Las Vegas metro markets.


Whatttt. Looks like we'll get even more locations on the West Coast than we thought.

We plan to open three stores within one year: One in SF, one at UC Berkeley, and one either on the Las Vegas strip or in Downtown Las Vegas. We are looking at sites now.
Seems like the franchisees have big plans for Halal Guys in the near future.

 We are excited as well - especially for Vegas since its a similar 24-hour market.
We'll be sure to keep you posted on more Halal Guys news as it breaks.