Gordon Ramsay Gets Roasted While Undercover In A Focus Group [WATCH]

Gordon Ramsay knows how to take getting blasted well, it seems.

On the latest episode of Chef Ramsay's new show, The F Word, Gordon went undercover at a focus group concerning the new show and himself as a person. When asked various questions about Chef Ramsay, the focus group participants didn't hold anything back, giving brutally honest opinions of what they thought about Gordon on his various shows.


The entire ordeal, which was captured on hidden cameras, must have been painful for Chef Ramsay, as the group members discussed everything from how much of a jerk he could be, impressions of him being an asshole on TV, and even if Gordon Ramsay would be considered "sexy" or not. (Most said no to that question).

When Gordon did finally reveal himself to everyone, they all lost it and were likely embarrassed, especially considering how they had just trashed the chef to his face.

Gordon appeared to take it all in stride throughout the whole thing, however. I mean, he does go and roast people on Twitter all of the time for their food, so it's good to know he can take what he dishes out all the time. I probably wouldn't straight-up insult him to his face, though. You know how Chef Ramsay can handle a knife.