Google Is Trying To Make This Impossibly Bloody Vegan Burger Happen


The Impossible Burger made waves in 2014, as the thought of a medium rare, bloody vegan burger seemed preposterous, but it looks like it's getting closer to becoming a reality.

According to the Daily Mail, Google recently tried buying this beefy-looking burger for a cool $300 million and got turned down by the creators at Impossible Foods. Apparently, the vegan burger company thought $300 million dollars was a spit-in-their-face offer and wanted more for their revolutionary burger.

This isn't their first encounter with Google, as the tech company, along with Bill Gates, helped fund the impossible burger to the tune of $75 million. Google must have really been impressed with it, as they now want the full rights to the burger.


The burger does look pretty impossible, as they've worked to get a texture similar to that of a beef patty, and as you can see, they've incorporated vegetable blood to provide a reddish tint that resembles a burger cooked to medium rare. They even claim that it tastes like a real beef burger.

We're inching closer to vegans being able to eat vegan food that doesn't look or taste vegan.