A Humble Burger Joint Was Accidentally Awarded A Michelin Star, Here's Why

Photo taken with Google Streetview

By standards, you're awarded a Michelin star because your restaurant is top-quality, has amazing service, and serves out-of-this-world, revolutionary food.


Other times, you're awarded a Michelin star because the Michelin Guide accidentally confuses you with another restaurant.

That's what happened to Le Bouche à Oreille in Bourges, France, who was awarded a Michelin star based on the interactive map released by the Michelin Guide earlier this month. However, according to the New York Times, the Michelin star was actually meant for a restaurant with the same name — but over 100 miles away, in Boutervilliers.

The differences between the two restaurants could not be more stark. The Bourges location is a small, lunch-only bistro that offers burgers, fries, a buffet, and specializes in sausage and lentils, all priced at less than $13.50. The Boutervilliers Michelin-starred location has lobster, turbot, and foie gras regularly on the menu, and it's prices can range from 20-60 Euros.


Despite all of the confusion, Le Bouche à Oreille in Boutervilliers will be keeping its Michelin star, and the mix-up has since been fixed. However, the Bourges location did benefit from all of the media attention it's getting as a result — and the owner even has an invite to come eat at the Michelin-starred restaurant of the same name.

What a great silver lining to this Michelin-starred mishap.