This Map Shows The Food Your State Hates The Most

You might be wondering why anyone would hate Flamin' Hot Cheetos, or chicken nuggets, but there are actually states that thoroughly hate those foods.

It all started with a dating app that's literally called Hater, which matches people based on their hates. In your search for love (or friendship, I suppose), the app asks you to swipe on multiple things, as it records everything you hate, and voila, you're united with someone through hatred.


The app has about 750,000 users, and based on their swipes, Hater put together a U.S. map showing the food every state hates the most.

So, yeah, for some reason Colorado seems to hate Flamin' Hot Cheetos, New Mexico hates nuggets, and strangely enough, Wisconsin doesn't fancy Lunchables.

Some other notable states are California, who has shown a disdain for Chick-Fil-A (That's what you get for being closed the only day we want to eat it), New York understandably hates ranch on pizza, and Texas hates well-done steaks (Every state should, really). Oregon hates fast food, in general, Alabama hates Chipotle, and Hawaii hates Coca-Cola.


The app released a similar map earlier this year, which showed what every state hates, overall, not just food. Peep that one below, too, and see if it seems accurate:

If you've had trouble finding love, maybe you're just in the wrong state. I might move to New York with my fellow ranch haters, or Connecticut since they don't mess with mayonnaise-topped fries.