This Is The Flamin' Hot Cheetos Corn On The Cob You Need In Your Life


There are recipes that are delicious because they are complex, and there are recipes that are delicious because all the ingredients make delicious sense despite what recipe trolls will tell you.


Thank God for Tym Bussanich, the #Foodbeast who continuously doesn't care how simple and "atrocious" his recipes are. He combines foods in ways that make sense to him, his sensibilities and his tastebuds. Today, he's found solace in something simple: Flamin' Hot Cheetos Corn-on-the-Cob.

Much like the other recipes that make Tym Bussanich so relatable, all the ingredients are right under our fingertips. He's taken the familiarity of Mexican elote and substituted chili powder with crunchy Flamin' Hot Cheetos crumbs. It all looks so damn easy.


Flamin hot corn on the cob! Butter,mayonnaise and flamin hot cheetos!!

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Within the recipe being up for only a few moments on Tym's Instagram page, he had garnered 10s of thousands of views and hundreds of comments. Noticing his fans resonating, he slid into my DM to share the good word about his delicious corn (never thought I'd write about that):



Here's the recipe with some dope music behind it. Simple, just butter, mayo, and Flamin' Hot Cheetos Crumbs:

Flamin' Hot Cheeto Corn-On-The-Cob! || @foodbeastfamily ? @tymbussanich

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Thank you for the dinner ideas Tym, the Internet is forever in your debt. Also, thank you for your White Castle Pizza, Breakfast Sushi, and Cheeseburger Chips.