This White Castle Pizza Is Everything You Need And More


If you're looking for a quick cravings fix for the holidays, Instagram chef Tym Bussanich has the recipe for you. The delightful culinary fiend behind Breakfast Sushi took a handful of White Castle sliders and turned them into a pizza.

White Castle. Pizza. YES.


All Tym used was a frozen pizza, some frozen White Castle sliders, sliced onions, mushrooms and a mountain of shredded cheese. After throwing that sucker in the over, what you get is a cheesy, melty mess of burgers and pizza.

An awesome snack to start the holidays with. Check out the video for the fast, easy and cheesy recipe. We're probably going to try  a variant with a bunch more toppings.


White Castle Cheeseburger Pizza || #FoodbeastFamily

White Castle Cheeseburger Pizza || #foodbeast Tym Bussanich

Posted by Foodbeast on Wednesday, December 23, 2015