Meet The Artist Responsible For EVERY Custom Mural Inside 1000+ Firehouse Subs Restaurants


Artist Joe Puskas didn't always start out painting murals. Originally, he began doing T-shirt designs with only one mural and zero art classes under his belt.

However, one mural was all it took. Puskas' work was discovered by Firehouse Subs Co-founder Robin Sorensen behind a Tom and Betty's Restaurant. Since then, Puskas' iconic career as a Firehouse muralist began.

Having completed 1,000 murals at 1,000 Firehouse subs since 1994, Puskas' and his team are known for their custom paintings that are unique to each location.



The process begins as a pencil sketch. Each mural features a firetruck that's unqiue to the city it's located in. Puskas then incorporates some of the city's history into the mural. Once the pencils are completed, his team works tirelessly to bring the mural to life. Creating each mural can take up to 70 hours.

Check out this amazing video detailing Puskas' process from beginning to end. Next time you're at a Firehouse Subs, keep an eye out for his mural.