Fireball Whisky Pulled from Shelves Due to Excess Antifreeze


A number of European countries are removing Fireball Whisky bottles from their shelves. Thanks to an excess of propylene glycol, a type of antifreeze that acts as a stabilizer in foods and prevents evaporation, European fans of Fireball Whisky will not be seeing the bottles in stores anytime soon.

The removal is due to the whisky not meeting the European Union's standards on propylene glycol. While the US has exactly the same amount in its Fireball Whisky, it appears Europe's standards are a bit tighter than those in the US.

Fox News reports that the US Food and Drug Administration classifies propylene glycol as a "generally recognized as safe" additive for use in consumer products. This includes food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and animal feed.


Since the announcement, Fireball has state on their Facebook page:

We're here to set the record straight. Fireball is safe to drink. Period. The end.

Finland, Sweden and Norway are among the European countries removing the whisky.

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