Here's The Top 10 Freshest Fast Food Fashion You Can Buy Right Now

Loyalty is our strong feeling of allegiance to someone or something. Our loyalty isn't easily gained, but can be lost in an instant. Our loyalty and devotion to our favorite fast food usually doesn't waiver, because they almost always never let you down. They're the perfect companion.

Aside from constantly eating at your favorite fast food joint multiple times a week, how else would you show your brand loyalty? Show off by rocking with their merchandise, of course. We went through the most popular fast food restaurants in the country to see who's got the freshest gear.

If your favorite isn't on this list, then either they've got wack merch, or they don't even have a fashion line.

10. Taco Bell

fast food merchandise
Photo by: Taco Bell

Barely cracking our tenth spot is Taco Bell. Honestly, we can't say anything special about their clothing because it's kind of basic. A hard shell taco print tee and another one saying "You had me at "Let's go to Taco Bell."" Meh. The one cool and unique item they have is definitely the Taco Bell ring set pictured above.

9. Chick-Fil-A


Photo By: Chick-Fil-A

Chick-Fil-A's line of clothing is just a step up from basic. Several vintage print tees, their classic picketing cow, and ingredient script tees are the staple of their tees — and a casual way to show how much you love America's favorite chicken sandwich.

8. McDonald's

Photo By: McDonald's

I know what you're thinking: "Why is McDonald's ranked so low when they just dropped that fire sweat suit from the McDelivery line?" We'll that's because I didn't include it. It was a limited, one day only promotional item that virtually nobody was able to cop. But they still got some low-key dope shirts featuring their world famous fries, and an OG happy meal bag.

7. Wingstop

Photo By: Wingstop

Wingstop's lemon pepper flavor will be a legend forever, and there's no better way to celebrate its legacy than rockin' a fly pair of lemon pepper wings socks. Better yet, why not have your car smell like lemon pepper with a wing air freshener? They've also got a Wingstop food truck you can rent with a fully prepped staff and up to 1,680 wings made to order — but it's definitely going to cost you a wing and a leg.


6. Chipotle

Photo By: Chipotle

While the restaurant side itself isn't doing all that well due to all the health issues still plaguing it (pun intended), their merch line doesn't need much help. Drawing inspiration from hispanic heritage, their tees include a Sugar Skull/Dia De Los Muertos theme, a dope Aztec maze-like pattern, and classic burrito related graphics.

5. Pizza Hut

fast food merchandisePhoto By: Pizza Hut

Pizza lovers, basic baddies, and IG fitness models rejoice! The Hut has got you covered with a "Pizza" crop top, pizza leggings, a "Pizza is BAE" hoodie, and much more. They aren't all loud and obnoxious, but are sure to catch someone's attention and make 'em do a double take.

4. Sonic's Drive-In

Photo By: Sonic Drive-In


The definite dark horse in this whole list is Sonic's. Who would have thought that they would have a line of wearable branded clothing that isn't related to their retro style. Their outerwear collection consists of Columbia, Eddie Bauer, and Realtree camo collaborations, denim jackets, varsity jackets, etc. that are legit fire and something I would definitely not mind wearing out in the streets. They're not hyped, but you should prepare to pay the price for this collection.

3. Shake Shack

Photo By: Shake Shack

Like Shake Shack's burgers, their neon green logo is just as iconic and versatile. With locations worldwide, their collection pays homage to each location, ranging from Los Angeles to New York and Japan to Russia.

2. KFC

Photo By: KFC

The Colonel knows fashion. The man dressed to the nines in an untouchable white tuxedo recently dropped a limited collection consisting of fried chicken socks, sweaters, tees, accessories, and home goods that are sure to be solid conversation starters, while being of fairly high quality.

1. In 'N Out

fast food merchPhoto By: In-N-Out

Without question, In-N-Out holds the top spot purely because their t-shirts are cultural icons itself. They're timeless, retro art pieces that pay tribute to each city the restaurant is located. They're conversation pieces that tell a story. It says "I've put an In 'N Out burger in my mouth, enjoyed it, and have been to that city. Ask me about it!"