Tokyo Cafe Swaps Coffee for Naps


If a cat cafe just isn't relaxing enough for you, this newest coffee shop craze might do it for you. The Nap Cafe Corne in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo invites patrons to not only grab a bite to eat, but to take a nap once that food coma sets in.

For $1.50 USD, you'll get you ten minutes in the meticulously organized space. However, the cafe is for women only (sorry boys) and features curtains hanging over each napping space.



The Nap Cafe boasts a make-up room, changing room, a shop, kitchen, restroom, beds to sleep on, and the cafe itself. The food is simple (think sandwiches and snacks) while drinks are designed to relax patrons.  As if that wasn't perfect enough, guests can also choose the kind of pillow they want for their nap.

H/T + Picthx Rocket News, Nap Cafe Corne