7 Of The Most Epic Meals Ever Consumed By US Presidents

One of the most intriguing things we love to get to know about any U.S. President is the food that they love to consume. Of course, being the "leader of the free world" comes with many perks, which means that many of our past chief executives have had truly epic presidential meals. From our 1st to our 45th, here are some of the more gluttonous eats enjoyed by the commanders in chief of past and present.

George Washington's Legendary Thursday Dinners

Every Thursday, George Washington was said to put on extravagant feasts of roast meat for guests, with the number of diners reaching as many as 22 people. He emulated his dinners after those he would typically enjoy on Mount Vernon, as you can see above. Washington's table would be adorned with roast beef, lamb, duck, turkey, veal, and plenty of wild game. All were served with jelly, fruits, nuts, and raisins, with wine (or beer, in Washington's case) as the drink of choice.

Thomas Jefferson's Macaroni and Cheese


Thomas Jefferson's love of food knew no bounds, and he brought back many foods and recipes from France to the United States. Among those was his "Macaroni and Cheese Pudding," which became an instant hit at state dinners and feasts at his own mansion, Monticello. Jefferson was also a big fan of ice cream and waffles, so he was basically the "Junk Foodie in Chief" long before our current president was.

Andrew Jackson's 2-Ton Block Of Cheese

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"Andrew Jackson, in the main foyer of his White House, had a big block of cheese. The block of cheese was huge, it weighed over two tons." The start of this famous fictional speech from The West Wing is based in reality, as Andrew Jackson did once have a two-ton cheese wheel in his foyer for anyone to come and eat from. While there, they had the rare opportunity to get an audience with the President that they may not have had otherwise, as the doors of the White House were not always as open as they are in modern times. If someone tried to do this today, of course, they would probably need a "Wheat Thin the size of Lake Tahoe."


Theodore Roosevelt's Fried Chicken and Gravy

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Teddy Roosevelt was very particular with how he was served up one of America's most classic dishes. He's been quoted as saying that "the only way to serve fried chicken is with white gravy soaked into the meat." That sauce, which is typically poured over chicken fried steak, is definitely a hearty and epic accompaniment to the crispy poultry as well. While their gravy may not be as white as Teddy would like, if Roosevelt were president today, he would probably be a huge fan of Jollibee as a result.

William Howard Taft's MASSIVE Breakfast

The president who has long been rumored to have gotten stuck in a bathtub once would definitely have the biggest meal on this list. At one breakfast in Savannah, Georgia, President Taft dined on all of the following: "Grapefruit, potted partridge, broiled venison, grilled partridge, waffles with maple syrup and butter, hominy, hot rolls, bacon, and more venison." Talk about going ham at the breakfast buffet.


Bill Clinton's Love Of BBQ

Even before he and Hillary made it onto the big stage, Bill Clinton was a regular at McClard's, a BBQ spot in Hot Springs, Arkansas. He'd feast on epic platters of the smoked meat with sides, and that tradition continued in the White House. Owner Scott McClard even got to fly on Air Force One, serving up his cue to friends and guests onboard as Clinton would show off his favorite food from his childhood.

Donald Trump's Fast Food Feasts

In an upcoming tell-all book called Let Trump Be Trump, former campaign official Corey Lewandowski revealed that our current leader would frequently dine on the following fast food dinner: two Big Macs, two Fillet-o-Fish sandwiches, and a chocolate milkshake. The entire meal comes out to over 2,500 calories, which is plenty enough for a single person to eat in a day. Just imagine how much more gluttonous that meal would be if he had ordered fries with it.