Step Up Your Appetizer Game with These Doritos Cheese Ball Bites


You've seen Doritos in taco shell form, you've seen them coating the outer surface of some delicious chicken strips, hell you've even seen them in Mountain Dew form. If you're going to take Dorito innovation to those levels, might as well keep experimenting.

Oh, Bite It is a constant stream of insane food creations, and this time Amy Erickson put her own touch on the Dorito craze by making some Doritos Cheese Ball Bites.

As is true for most the recipes on Oh, Bite It, the ingredients are minimal and the process isn't too stressful. All you need is cream cheese, salsa, shredded cheddar cheese and, of course, Doritos.

You essentially just blend the salsa, cream cheese and cheddar, roll it up into a ball and cover it with crumbled pieces of Doritos.



You don't even have to stick them in the oven as they're just a quick, cold snack, perfect for game day.

h/t Oh, Bite It