Domino's South Korea Has a New Pizza That is a 3-Course Meal

Pizza can best be described as a blank canvas for endless meals, the foundation for boundless possibilities. Domino's Pizza locations in South Korea are harnessing that and putting it to good use with the debut of a new pizza that veritably serves as a 3-course meal.


As reported by Chew Boom, the new Master Triple Course Pizza from Domino's South Korea is a standard pizza that gives room for an appetizer, course, a main course, and a dessert course.

The Appetizer section boasts tomato compote with white balsamic sauce and ricotta cheese. The Main Course consists of shrimp, squid, and Korean beef barbecue. The Dessert portion serves up little cubes of cheesekcake with sweet potato and fromage blanc cream cheese mousse. The whole pizza is accompanied by a Creamy Wasabi Mayo Sauce for dipping.

Fans can grab the Master Triple Course Pizza at Domino's Pizza locations in South Korea for a suggested price of 28,000 South Korean won ($23.71 USD) for a Medium size and 33,900 South Korean won ($28.70 USD) for a Large size.