Straight Out Of Prison, DMX Went To IHOP And Made Himself An Omelette


DMX, the infamous rapper who helped rule the 90s, had been locked up for a couple months after not paying his child support back in July.

DMX must have worked up an appetite for breakfast in that time because as soon as he was released from Erie County Holding Center in New York this weekend, X was seen at an IHOP, and it even looked like he was working there.

He was running around in the kitchen, cooking and even had a name badge pinned to his shirt, according to TMZ.


Turns out he was not IHOP's newest cook, he's just a celebrity who got kitchen access and was allowed to cook himself a chicken fajita omelette.

Maybe for lunch, he'll hit up a Denny's and make himself a grilled cheese sandwich, or some baby back ribs from Applebees for dinner. The kitchens of the world seem to be open to the rapper.

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