This Genius Created His Own Candy Dispenser Using His Ice Machine

candy bin

Finally, someone found a practical use for the ice machine during the fall and winter seasons. Reddit user dericpeace had the idea one day to stuff his ice bin full of candy since he wasn't really using it for ice. The very next day he dropped $40 in candy at a local Rite-Aid and behold, his in-home candy dispenser became a reality.

Dericpeace even did a Reddit AMA where other users asked him about the idea and what other sweet concepts could be devised with his fridge. A commenter mentioned the idea of repurposing the water line with something like a root beer barrel or juice line, which is freaking genius. There was some talk of adding more unwrapped candies and testing how the crushed mode would work, but in the meantime this guy is winning the Internet.


Check out his video to see how you can make your own in-home candy dispenser.

H/T + PicThx That's Nerdalicious