Ditch the Jack-O'-Lantern and Carve Yourself a Pumpkin Keg

Pumpkin Keg

After you're done carving up the jack-o'-lanterns with your nephew and you feel the urge to do something a little more adult with a pumpkin, you might want to carve up a boozy pumpkin keg.


Mashable put out a nifty video that shows a fairly easy way to turn that useless, giant orange piece of produce into something useful. You pretty much just cut off the top, clean out the insides, poke a hole on the front of the pumpkin and put a spigot in the hole. After that, pour in your favorite beer, keeping in mind that it will mix with the inside of the pumpkin, so a seasonal pumpkin ale might blend better. The pumpkin can usually hold anywhere between six to 12 beers.

Grab a glass, invite some friends over and get pumpkin-wasted.