These Candles Smell Exactly Like Your Favorite Disneyland Foods, Churros And Dole Whips Included


Ever wanted your house to smell like a Disney theme park? Now it can.

According to Nerdist, there's a place that makes candles that smell exclusively like Disneyland. Candle retailer spot Anthology Candles  has created a line of Disney-smelling candles to keep you in the Disney spirit.


Some of the notable Disney food scents include Churros and the park's famous pineapple ice cream Dole Whip and even the entire Main Street Bakery. None-food flavors include one that smells like Disney California Adventure's attraction "Soarin' Over California" as well as the "Haunted Mansion" located in New Orleans Square.

Unfortunately Anthology Candles seems to be out of stock thanks to overwhelming demand for their product. You can, however, check in with them from time to time to see when the candles will be available again. It's looking like they'll be back around March 1.