'Dip Clip' Makes Sauce Dipping On The Go Effortless

One of the most sacred unwritten rules of fast food nuggets and fries is that you have to eat them with some kind of dipping sauce. Chomping on a dry fry is the equivalent of biting into the Sahara Desert, so having condiments like ketchup or BBQ sauce on hand is basically required to fully savor it.

Unfortunately, if you're nabbing nugs on the go, it can be a pain since trying to dunk and drive is always a precarious task. While we've come up with an ingenious hack or two to solve this issue in the past, the team at Milkmen Design has eliminated the need for those complex resolutions with a universal "Dip Clip."


Like your cell phone holder or some air fresheners, the Dip Clip can fit onto basically every air vent out there, while it's sauce-holding functionality encompasses the vast majority of fast food packets. For those that don't fit, or if you're looking to utilize your own dip of choice, there's also a custom food-safe ramekin that can be used instead.


That means that this crafty contraption isn't just useful for Sriracha Mac Sauce or Jollibee gravy, as you can also store soy sauce and wasabi for your sushi, hummus for your pita, or even ranch for your pizza, if you swing that way.

All in all, the Dip Clip is an ingenious invention to make the on-the-go munching we do on a regular basis a little more convenient, especially if we desire our saucy snack pairings. So far, many seem to think so, with over 1,600 backers more than tripling Milkmen's Kickstarter fundraising goal with over a month left to go in the campaign. Over 4,500 Dip Clips have already been ordered, making it clear that this novel dipping sauce solution is already growing in popularity.

Now someone just needs to come up with an invention that keeps me from spilling my fries on the floor.