New iPhone App Will Publicly Shame You If You Use Your Phone At Dinner


When eating dinner, one of our biggest vices is having our phones out on the table. Between taking photos of our food, constantly checking social media, or texting others while we eat, it's become pretty obvious we're addicted. Turns out there's an app that'll shame you into putting your phone away and will continue to do so until you get into the habit of keeping it away during meals.

Called Dinner Mode, the iOS app allows users to enter an estimated time they're expected to dine. The app asks users to place their phones face down on the table while they eat. If they manage to make it through the entire meal, they're congratulated.


However, if they fail to leave the phone untouched, the app will verbally and visually remark on how lousy of an eating companion they're being.

Yikes. It's like eating dinner with a parent.