Denny’s Pancakes Get A Fluff Job


Denny's, the popular US diner chain, announced this morning that they've completely revamped their pancake recipe.

I walked into the Manhattan diner, one of the few in New York City. Along the walls, I noticed many promotional images featuring a person alongside a quote about pancakes.

Hmmm, wonder what their new secret item is gonna be?


John Dillon, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Denny's, said this:


Our pancake was fine, but it wasn't quite good enough.

With that said, he introduced new buttermilk pancakes to the Denny's brand.

Now 50 percent fluffier, I was a bit skeptical until they brought out a side-by-side of the original recipe and the new recipe. Holy crap, they were huge.


Denny's chose a flour that's soft enough to give you a cake feel, but strong enough to hold fruits and other toppings. They now add fresh buttermilk and vanilla to the batter in the kitchen, which is supposed to add a smooth silkiness to the breakfast staple.

The original pancake batter had no eggs, the chain admits. Probably to make things easier for the cooks.


I flashed back to my high school days, walking to the Denny's across the street from campus to crush some Grand Slams. I remember those pancakes being genuinely delicious, the kind you'd crave after a long day of dozing off in chemistry. Sorry, Mrs. Donor.


The new recipe is even better now, I have to say. My love of breakfast foods as really jaded me when it comes to things like eggs, bacon, sausage and pancakes. This wasn't a let down, like most unnecessary reboots we see these days.

Denny's new buttermilk pancake recipe seems to be a step towards revitalizing the brand. When Domino's changed their crust recipe, it totally turned business around.

You can find the new pancakes in stores beginning July 12.

This could work.