Deep-Fried Brie Buns Give This Burger Some EPIC Cheese Pull Action

Who doesn't love a good cheese pull? It's a sign of some great melted cheese that's gonna add creamy, cheesy flavor into every bite of whatever you're consuming.

When that cheese pull results from two ENTIRE wheels of deep-fried brie cheese, you know you've got an epic creation on your hands.


That's exactly what Toronto-based Holy Chuck Burgers and EatFamous's Ryan Hinkson have created with the "EatFamous Burger." This monstrous burger is definitely a sight to behold and a challenge to eat.

The four burger patties, eight strips of bacon, four slices of aged cheddar, and fried egg that go into the burger are enough to make anyone salivate and has plenty of room for great cheese pulls and yolk porn on its own. But what leaves me drooling is the two full wheels of creamy, deep-fried brie that serve as the "buns" on this burger.

The team at Holy Chuck Burgers was inspired to make this burger while thinking of different kinds of buns to use for the burger. In the first episode of Ryan Hinkson's Beyond The Plate, the owner shares his love of French cheeses and brie that inspired him to try turning it into the outer layer for this massive burger.


eatfamous 2

When you cut into the brie, it results in an explosion of creamy goodness that coats the entire burger. The fried outer layer is broken up, making the burger a struggle to hold, but the cheese pulls you get are totally worth it.

I don't think a burger can get any more gooey than this one.