Daym Drops Literally Shook In Anger After Trying Pizza Hut's Grilled Cheese Crust

Daym Drops is the unquestionable king of fast food reviews, giving you the unadulterated, stone cold truth about any new fast food item, with grace, and nonstop humor.

With Pizza Hut introducing a new take on its stuffed-crust pizza via a grilled cheese iteration, Daym picked up a box of the new Grilled Cheese Crust pizza, and didn't mince words about how disappointed he was.

"I'm not coming back, son," Daym called out to Pizza Hut. "You're allowing for your pizza to be up in the club watching everybody else dance with all the pretty women, and you're posted up in the corner, taking an 'L.'"


Daym pretty much just called them the Meek Mill of pizza chains. It was sad seeing the instant heartbreak in his face, like Ralph Wiggum after getting rejected by Lisa Simpson.

Grilled Cheese Crust sounded like a good idea, but I trust my boy Daym. If he went out of his way to put together a 4 minute roast, Pizza Hut did something really wrong.