Channel Your Inner Sith At This Star Wars-Themed Dark Side Bar

Last year, a Star Wars pop-up bar themed after the legendary Mos Eisley cantina became so popular that it eventually turned into a permanent spot. This year, in anticipation of the upcoming movie Star Wars: The Last Jedi, a new limited-time spot called The Dark Side Bar is getting ready to open its own doors.

Photo courtesy of The Dark Side Bar

The pop-up alludes to the darker themes that are expected to come in new film, channeling some of the most notorious villains and organizations from the dark side of the Force. Even the signature drinks, all of which glow, smoke, or flare up in one way or another, take their names from different aspects of the movie saga. There's also a rotating menu of Star Wars dishes, like vegan sushi egg rolls that are better known in the bar as "Bantha Fodder."

The Dark Side Bar will also feature a variety of themed dance and DJ nights, speed dating, and even an "intergalactic burlesque show" that one would expect to find in the watering hole of the evil. It'll only be open for a limited time in three locations: New York, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C. Reservations are $33 per person, and include two signature drinks for each ticket. Walk-ins are also available, but cost $40 per person.

If you do choose to go, it's recommended to show up in some Star Wars garb. However, it's best if you don't show up as your favorite Jedi, because one of the Sith bar regulars may come at you with a lightsaber.


Featured image courtesy of The Dark Side Bar