Cup Noodles Just Developed Steam-Proof Glasses That Won't Fog Up While Eating

Cup Noodles' latest invention feels like it may be an April Fool's prank, but also has plenty of potential as a real product.

steam-proof glasses
Photo courtesy of Cup Noodles

The ramen giant just teamed up with Zenni Optical to create steam-proof glasses that won't fog up while you eat that piping hot bowl of soup. Inside of the glasses is an integrated electric fan that blows steam away from the glasses, keeping your vision clear while eating.


There's also a detachable fork on the side of the glasses so that you always have a utensil available for eating on the go. While that might be more of a gimmick, the steam-proof glasses concept could be useful for a whole host of other operations.

Glasses fog up because of water vapor that condenses onto the lens. This can come from the steam of hot food, but can also stem from your own breath or sweat, along with any other conditions that involve evaporating water. With this model, those who wear glasses wouldn't have to worry about carrying around glasses cleaners or rags to deal with constant fogging issues, especially in warmer weather.

While the concept is dope, it may just be a one-time thing for April Fool's, since it is that time of year. Cup Noodles hasn't confirmed whether that is the case, but did tell Foodbeast that the only pair that exists is Zenni's prototype. Whether that could result in more pairs being made in the future remains to be seen.