Cup Noodles Launches A Breakfast Ramen Flavor

Photo: Nissin Foods USA


Those that have had instant ramen know how versatile the meal can be. Whether morning, noon or night, we've been held down by some Cup Noodles, always a quick and easy fix to stave off our hunger. The same can be said for breakfast food, which seems to be appropriate for any time of the day. Channeling that same energy, Nissin has just launched a new Cup Noodles Breakfast flavor.

So if you're down for starting your day off with breakfast flavors in ramen form, this Cup Noodles is for you. The product is described as blending ramen with the flavors of maple syrup, pancakes, sausage, and egg — all at once. As someone who likes to keep their buffet plate as divided as possible, my skepticism is tingling like Peter Parker's Spidey-Sense. But then again, if a breakfast burrito can capture breakfast flavors all in one bite, why can't ramen?

The new, limited edition Cup Noodles Breakfast flavor can be copped at Walmart now for $1.18.