Sushi Donuts Might Be The Most Beautiful New Food Trend

California Sushi Donuts swung by the Foodbeast office last week to give us a live demonstration of their beautiful, one-of-a-kind concept: Sushi Donuts. A fusion of the popular Japanese dish and the iconic deep-fried breakfast ring, sushi donuts combine the functional aesthetics of donuts with the elevated reputation and delicate presentation of sushi.


Co-owners Anthony and Faez started their business earlier this year, making pop-up appearances at food festivals and events with the goal of ultimately opening a brick-and-mortar spot.


While the colorful dish looks pretty sweet, you better prepare your palates for something a little more on the savory side.


Sushi donuts essentially feature rice dyed with food coloring, which is then mixed with crab meat and placed in a donut mold. The 'donut' is then topped with popular sushi ingredients like tuna, salmon, shrimp, or cucumber and drizzled with wasabi or Sriracha aioli. A nearly-finished sushi donut is completed after its presented on a bed of nori.



Patrons can customize their orders based on color, protein, and other toppings.

If you're based in Southern California, you can hit California Sushi Donuts up for catering or any other inquires. Just make sure to keep those camera batteries charged. You're gonna want to grab a couple quick glamor shots before tearing into these bad boys.