IHOP Threw Croissant Dough Into a Waffle Iron, Criss-Croissants They Call It


New to IHOP, the International House of Pancakes, are Criss-Croissants. The pancake chain appears to be dabbling in hybrid breakfast pastries with this new, limited-time item that slightly resembles a Waffle Taco.



Using croissant dough, the breakfast dish is cooked in a waffle iron. This process creates a waffle-like texture, while maintaining the light flakiness of a croissant. Then they just cram it with sweet stuff.

The two flavors are Blackberry Lemonade (lemonade cream that's topped with blackberries) and Strawberry Rhubarb (sweet cream cheese topped with strawberry rhubarb).

The Criss-Croissants are available through April 5, 2015. They can be found at participating IHOP locations with prices varying depending on location.