Costco's $10 Food Court Sandwich Has Customers Fuming

Photo: Reddit

Reddit user @mo4r-pow4 uploaded this dystopian photo of what appears to be a new menu item at Costco's infamous food court in Lynwood, Washington. While all Costco food courts offer different menu items based on location (fun fact: Canadian Costco sells poutine!), it isn't the item itself that's causing customers to scratch their heads... it's the price tag.


The item in question, a roast beef sandwich on a ciabatta roll, is costing members $9.99, shockingly the same price as an entire Costco pizza. Yes, you read that right. An entire pizza from the Costco food court shares the same price as one sandwich. Reddit users were quick to chime in on the issue.

"10 dollars!? Is it the same size as the pizza?" One user questioned. Another user brought up an excellent point: "I will never understand how in my lifetime a sandwich has gone from a poverty food to basically a luxury item."

Photo: Flickr


Costco is notorious for its affordability when it comes to its food court offerings. Since 1986, Costco has offered a foot-long hotdog and soda combo for $1.50! With inflation through the roof, it comes as no surprise that Costco sells roughly 135 million hotdog and soda combos annually.

Those concerned customers have a point. Even Jim Sinegal, co-founder of Costco, made comments against the rise of food prices and inflation back in 2018 when questioned by current CEO W. Craig Jelinek. Jelinek told Sinegal they needed to raise their prices because the company was losing money. His response? "If you raise the f*cking hot dog, I will kill you. Figure it out."

If you can't count on the Costco food court these days, then what the hell can you depend on?

Feature photo: Reddit