Woman Shoots Her Boyfriend Over A Cold Taco, Seriously

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Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

A woman in North Houston shot her boyfriend during an argument involving a cold taco, according to FOX11.

The couple was at a local taco truck Monday, when they were served a cold taco. Not being a fan of cold tacos, the woman asked the staff at the truck to reheat her taco, but was rejected.

She then became so furious that she ended up pulling out a gun. The boyfriend, who was trying to calm her down, got shot as a result.


Investigators haven't figured out yet if the woman actually shot her boyfriend on purpose, or if the gun was fired accidentally in a struggle to calm her down.

I've seen people get unhappy over their food not being the way it should (too salty, too cold, too hot, etc.). But I've never seen somebody pull out a gun over a cold taco. That's just crazy.

FOX News has reported that the man will survive the shooting, but there's no telling yet, if charges will be filed against his girlfriend.

I guess that taco truck employee learned a lesson as well - if someone asks you to reheat a taco, just do it. It's better than potentially getting shot.