Coca-Cola Begins To Explore The Possibility Of Making CBD Drinks

One of the world's largest beverage companies is considering throwing its weight behind the CBD movement, something that would be huge for the future of cannabinoid-infused drinks.

Photo: Mike Mozart // Flickr, cc 2.0

According to CNBC, Coca-Cola is currently discussing a possible entrance into the marijuana-infused beverages space with producer Aurora Cannabis.

Reports indicate that the drinks would be marketed as health-focused, helping to ease inflammation, pain, and cramping.


With a few other major beverage makers, especially in the beer space, beginning to dabble in CBD, Coca-Cola's interest in the infused drinks comes at a prime time. Support for legalization is spreading fast across the U.S., and Canada (Where Aurora is based, also has legal marijuana laws).

If they entered the space, they would be one of the biggest manufacturers to do so. Coca-Cola could potentially gain a global share of CBD-infused drinks (where legal) before anyone else as a result, opening up the floodgates for the industry to really start to crack off.

For now, though, we'll just have to wait and determine if the company decides to go for it. A statement obtained by CNBC says,  "no decisions have been made yet at this time."