CINNAMON BUN COOKIES: Oreo Reveals Its Newest Flavor


Oreo continues to go nuts with new cookie flavors, and is starting 2016 with some serious Cinnabon inspiration.

These probably won't create that same feeling when you're walking through the mall and Cinnabon pumps out that sweet, warm aroma in the air, but they're trying to give a freshly baked aura as both the cookie and creme filling are going to be infused with cinnamon-flavor.

While the cinnamon-filled Oreos had been spotted a few months ago, they officially hit store shelves Tuesday, Jan. 19, so you can already go out and try these if it tickles your fancy. The standard 12.2-ounce package retail's at $4.49.


Also coming along for the ride is the re-release of Oreo's Red Velvet flavor, and according to Buzzfeed, these are set to become a permanent flavor.

These sound great, but there's nothing like a cinnamon roll coming fresh out of the oven.