Chrontella Is The Perfect Marijuana-Infused Nutella We've Been Waiting For

Whenever I get baked and hungry, the first thing I go for is Nutella, like clockwork. Of course, if you're anything like me, you'll smoke every time rather than take an edible, since you're an idiot and always eat way too much of the edible, then you start freaking out and forcing your sister to hold your hand because Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy is tripping you out. Well, that problem may have just gotten a whole lot worse.

Comes with a Penguin Pharaoh bong to raise Penguin Pharaoh awareness.
Comes with Penguin Pharaoh Bong in order to raise Penguin Pharaoh awareness


A group of enthusiastic potheads in Canada decided to combine their favorite vice with their favorite snack by infusing one into the other. No, they're not smoking bowls packed with Nutella, although I'm for sure trying that now when I get home. Using a tried and true process that finally worked after a plethora of attempts, they finally came up with their product: Chrontella.Slack for iOS Upload-3.png

Granted, the name sucks harder than a clogged bong, and the majority of us are still wondering how they missed "Nugtella." Regardless, the most beloved spread in the entire world just became much more interesting.

According to their social media accounts, Chrontella comes in a small container and puts out about three servings. This seemingly harmless amount, however, is packed to the brim with THC, pumping out 300mg per container. I'm a seasoned veteran when it comes to marijuana, and my Guardians hand-holding episode came after I ate a 50mg brownie, so you can imagine what eating an entire container would do. I only say this as a warning to anyone who tries this stuff out, that way you don't end up in the same situation I did.


The company is located in Canada, so for now the product is only sold (legally) at dispensaries in the Great White North. That being said, I don't imagine we will wait too long before our northern neighbors hook us up or we figure out how to make it ourselves.

Either way, if you get your hands on some, be sure to approach it cautiously and slowly, so as not to overdo it.

Spread responsibly.

Photo Credit: @chrontella