Chocolate Baklava Is A Sweet Boost To A Dessert Classic

Baklava is a soft and chewy dessert close to the hearts of Greeks, Middle Easterners, and pretty much everyone at the Foodbeast office.

The treat is known for its flaky phyllo dough and nutty mix of pistachios and walnuts. But there's a restaurant in Anaheim with a simple yet welcomed addition to the traditional sweet: chocolate.


Nestled within the cultural quarters of Anaheim, California's Little Arabia, Victory Sweets serves a surfeit of sensuous Middle Eastern goodies. From a creamy, cheesy knafeh, to the rose water-flavored basbousa, this little bakery transports tastebuds to a land of elation.

Those looking for something a little different will want to get their hands on the chocolate baklava.

By mixing cocoa powder within the flour, and exercising a generous pour of clarified butter within the layers of flaky dough and crushed pistachios, this sweet will impress even the most seasoned baklava eater.

If you're eager for your palate to experience a unique treat, the chocolate baklava is a must.