Chocolate Bars Are Now a Legitimate Topping Choice for This Pizza Chain


Even when you get a chance to build your own pizza at places like Pieology or PizzaRev, the topping list usually sticks to your basic savory foods, allowing no room to satisfy your sweet tooth with sugary toppings.

Well, Japan does pizza a little differently. A pizza chain called Aoki's Pizza has a pie that doesn't have just your traditional cheese and pizza sauce; it also has chunks of chocolate topped over it, so you get both sweet and savory flavors all in one bite.


It's called the Black Thunder pizza, after the popular Japanese chocolate that it's topped with.

The outer layer of a Black Thunder chocolate bar kind of looks like a Baby Ruth candy bar, but the inside has a cookie crisp filling, similar to a Kit Kat. The bars even run pretty cheap as a single bar costs 30 yen (25 cents). They're sold in most Japanese supermarkets. So this pizza is essentially topped with some Kit Kat/Baby Ruth hybrid, along with pineapple chunks, and is trying to blow your mind with two totally different sensations at once.

We've seen Pizza Hut come out with a Chocolate Chip Cookie Pizza, but let's be honest, it isn't a pizza, it's just a giant chocolate chip cookie. It doesn't nearly meet the same best-of-both-world standards that the Black Thunder does.


This pizza starts selling on November 27, and unfortunately can't be delivered to the US. But if anything, it's a step in the right direction and stores in the States should take notice.