This Is When Chipotle's CARNITAS CRISIS Will Finally End


After months of uncertainty about whether carnitas will ever return to Chipotle, the fast-casual chain announced that the beloved meat will indeed return. Finally.

The pork protein was removed from restaurants earlier this year after the Chipotle discovered that its pork supplier was raising pigs in conditions that did not meet its standards.

Now, Chipotle has officially announced that carnitas will be returning to restaurants across the nation. Well, at least 90 percent of restaurants. The only exceptions to are restaurants in the Cleveland and Atlanta areas and both the Carolina states.


While Chipotle searched for a new, animal-friendly pork supplier, patrons were left with a hole in their hearts. Now, it looks like those holes will soon be filled with pounds upon pounds of carnitas.

The meat will return to Chipotle restaurants by the end of November.