Chili's Cuts 40% Of Menu In Attempt To Go Back To Its Roots

Photo: Mike Mozart on Flickr.

Chili's is looking to do a hard reset and go back to its roots of burgers, fajitas, and ribs.

Starting September 18th, the sit-down restaurant chain will be taking 40% of its dishes off of the menu. The smaller list of offerings will focus more on Chili's more iconic items as they aim to improve quality.

Chili's slashing comes after growing their dish selection into a smorgasbord of variety. At its peak, in January 2017, the menu's 125 different items aimed to offer "all things to all guests." The new 75-option "less is more" menu instead refocuses the restaurant and attempts to keep itself from diversifying too much.

Chili's didn't give an exact list of which items are leaving its menu. However, its release does mention Mango Chili Tilapia and Crispy Asparagus, so those could be some of the soon-to-be gone dishes. Additionally, Chili's did mention that it will announce more over its social media feeds, so we could learn more there.

Nonetheless, it's interesting to see Chili's taking a brand new direction. We're definitely curious to see what the final new menu is like when it drops next week.