FaZe Cheo: From Nightshifts At A Hospital To House Chef Of FaZe Clan

For those who don’t know, FaZe Clan has become one of the most recognizable names in the esports world, carving out a legacy similar to the New York Yankees of professional baseball.

For the last few years, this collective of international gamers has gained major attention and millions of followers, thanks in part to their tactical game play, and showcasing over-the-top challenges and antics in YouTube videos.

For example, The FaZe Clan’s YouTube channel currently sits at more than 4.6 million subscribers, with individual FaZe members FaZe Rug at over 7 million subscribers and FaZe Banks at over 4 million YouTube subscribers individually.

Cumulatively, the FaZe Clan reaches more than 20 million people on YouTube alone — not including the millions they’ve amassed on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


However, while the success of the FaZe Clan has not gone unnoticed, the behind-the-scenes assistance of FaZe Cheo, the eSports team’s in-house chef, is something we should all become more familiar with and learn something from.

FaZe Cheo has become the perennial father figure within the FaZe Clan’s sprawling mansion in Orange County, California. The estate doubles as a studio and backdrop for the group’s YouTube videos.

Cheo seems to quietly support this group of mega successful, 20-something digital socialites, calmly helping to mold and nurture these new-age professionals with something more valuable than cheat codes.    

We sat down with Cheo in continuation of the FOODBEAST video series in collaboration with Nissin Cup Noodles®, Just Warmin’ Up, that spotlights young, up-and-coming entertainers riding their own wave to success.


Although Cheo doesn’t come from a professional culinary background, he credits his passion for cooking to his mother — who taught him to cook for himself at an early age while she was out working up to three jobs at a time.

Now, a father to a 4-year-old daughter, Cheo’s humble attitude, passion for cooking, and managerial mindset makes him the perfect fit within the group’s fast-paced and unconventional living environment.

“I care about them,” Cheo said. “I believed in what they had and what they are trying to do. I wanted to see what I could do, to provide a chance for them to grow.”

Cheo made his introduction to the FaZe Clan a few years ago with the help of his brother who is also a member of FaZe, where he saw an opportunity to become a value asset to the team. Through his simple yet delicious recipes, Cheo is showing his FaZe comrades that not every meal has to be take-out.  


Thanks to his mom, Cheo learned to cook efficiently on his own and continues to maintain an impressive skill set in the kitchen today. So, being the nice guy that he is, Cheo gifted FOODBEAST with one of his favorite recipes — a karaage chicken Cup Noodles®.

Learn more about Cheo and his role as house chef for the FaZe clan in our latest episode of Just Warmin’ Up.

Created in partnership with Original Cup Noodles