Chance the Rapper Wrote Kit Kat's New Jingle And It's Strangely Beautiful

From Kanye West, to Lil Wayne, everyone wants to make music with 23-year-old hip hop phenom, Chance the Rapper.

While Chance is in high demand, he still made time to break off a piece of himself for Kit Kat, and wrote a soothing jingle in their latest Halloween commercial.

Kit Kat revealed the AD Tuesday morning, as Chance was shown in a convenience store, dressed as some kind of wookie, when suddenly someone called out his name. They zoomed into the candy aisle, and it was himself, in Kit Kat form, as "Chance the Wrapper," started serenading himself.


Both Kit Kat and Chance are known to be a bit quirky, so it's hard to tell who came up with the strange concept of the video.

If you're a Chance fan, you probably love the Chance the Wrapper pun, and even though it was just the same Kit Kat lyrics, you can tell it was very much in the Chicago rapper's style.

Hopefully the two can build on this for more commercials, if anything, just to see how much weirder they can get together.