This Entire Taco Shop Turned Into A Chair-Tossing Royal Rumble [WATCH]

Restaurant fights are hardly an odd occurrence, but this fight was probably one of the nastiest ever recorded.

The massive brawl took place June 25 at Taqueria El Paisano in Dallas, Texas, as not one chair in the joint was safe. By the end of the melee, there were chairs scattered all over the place, bodies on the ground and a bunch of dudes puffing their chests out, looking for more trouble.

The adrenaline was really high and it's kind of disheartening to see people so angry at a place where tacos should be bringing joy.

It all started with two women kind of shoving each other.


Things quickly escalated as suddenly, the whole restaurant was throwing blows.

Sometimes, we'll see a jackass will throw a chair in these Worldstar kind of fights.


But this was some WWE, excessive Con-chair-to shit that was just wild.

And the chair throwing just kept going.