Cell-Cultured Meats May Be The Future For Our Furry Friends Too

The cutting-edge research and interest behind cell-cultured meats have been increasing in recent years as consumers have evolved to be more environmentally conscious.

Now, instead of companies racing to develop cell-cultured meats just for human consumption, Bond Pets is trying to bring that same science to our furry friends' food as well, according to an article by Quartz.

Rich Kelleman, a former advertising executive, launched Bond Pets after noticing the lack of transparency behind the ingredients in pet foods, and facing the ugly truth of most pet foods being made of undeveloped eggs, chicken necks, animal bones and hair, even manure.


By developing cell-cultured meats for pet foods, our pets will be able to eat "clean" meats while leaving a minimal environmental footprint, putting to ease two main concerns that most conscientious pet owners have.

Although this futuristic food, for both humans and pets, is still in its early stages, once it starts taking off, it's safe to say that it'll revolutionize the food industry.

“Pet food has always been a quick follower to the human food trends,” said pet-food industry consultant Ryan Yamka. “So it’s not surprising that you see… what I would call the sustainable food movement getting into the pet-food side.”