Carl's Jr. Testing Biscuit-Donut Hybrids, Actually Calls Them Bisnuts


The pastry-donut fusion game is coming to a standstill because we're probably running out of things to combine with donuts. Hilariously, Carl's Jr. is taking one last stab before the whole thing jumps the shark by testing a new product that weds biscuits and donuts: bisnuts.

The Bisnut looks to be a donut made using Carl's Jr. "Made from Scratch" biscuit dough, Brand Eating reports. The breakfast-only pastry comes with the customer's choice of white or chocolate icing and multicolored sprinkles. While they're only being tested at select Southern California locations, the Bisnuts are available for $0.99 each or two for $1.89.


Luckily, they don't look half bad.


H/T Brand Eating